Odo "scrappy" McNutt

Belter who Prospects the Astroids of Lou Ann's Star



HP: 79

Attribute Notes
STR:73 Use 7 Melee Damage Dice
RS:78 Movement 7 spaces-rnd 10 Meters
LDR:45 Can command a ship crew of 4
PRS:95 Bonus +9% for persuasive and business type of Feats
COM:42 No modes for first impressions
XCOM:43 No modes for first impression


Profession Skills:

Pilot: 3LVL

  • Snap Turn 40%FSP – Ability to try and do a 360 face move with a vehicle in one rnd regardless the Facing Movement Rate of the Vehicle.
    *Any Landing is a Good Landing 60% – Ability to minimize crash landing damage, land on irregular terrain at various speeds again minimizing damage.

0G Manuvering: 3LVL

  • 0G Emergency Rescue 40% Ability to try rescue attempts in open space for another as well as for ones self.

Engineering 2LVL

  • Jerry Rig 30% – Allows an attempt to try and make a patch repair. Repair if successful will last D20 turns. If a critical fail 98-100 the repair job actually made it worse.
  • Scrounge Part 40%- Allows search of area to find alternate items needed for a repair job.

Computer Systems 2LVL

  • Hack 20%
  • Patch 20%- Allows Character to attempt to write a software patch to repair damaged computer systems.

Prospecting 3LVL
*Analyze Body 40%-Allows the use of sensors and scanners to get readings of characteristics of System Bodies.

  • Underground Navigation 30%-Ability not to become lost when in caves and other “under” ground natural and artificial tunnels when normal navigation equipment fails or is not available.

Negotiate 2LVL

  • Barter 30%- Success means the deal is acceptable and may be to the character’s advantage. A failure means the deal is viewed as lacking by the other party. Character must up the ‘anti’ to be able to try again.
  • Wheel and Deal 40% – Receive favorable terms of exchange for goods in a business transaction.

Side Arm 3LVL

  • Quick Draw 30%

Free Skills (700XP) :

Long Range 2LVL
Tracking 1LVL
Survival 1LVL
Business 1LVL


Flak Gun (Handgun, behaves like a shotgun)
Flechette rifle
Cyber leg: +5 % to quickdraw
Cyber arm: =5% to Strength when applicable

Cyber arm also has tool kit and sync system to work with ship machinery and systems. +5% for Hack as it can be done through the link. Tools also consist of a small laser torch which can be used as a melee weapon. No Melee Damage Dice used, damage is from the 10 cm beam which emits from the end of his hand at the knuckles. Normal Melee rules, considered as Energy Damage 3D10, has the possibility to catch flammable materials on fire.
Imagine that Odo would use it to light his cigars.

Hard suit
Light Body Armor
Interface plug
Implanted Comm system


Odo was born a Freebirther on a survey ship. His parents were researchers on an advanced survey ship that litteraly was boldly going … His parents were part of a “Purity first” cult which deeply engrained in him a preference for genetically unaltered humans. He is not xenophobic towards aliens but definitely considers Xeroxes and other altered humans as less than human rather than more than human. Hi youth was spent on the ship and taught him a love for space, exploration and discovery.

Odo "scrappy" McNutt

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