Dax Samsen

5',2" Zinchi (bi-pedal cat) with orange-light-orange fur, and a baleful, glowering demeanor.


HP: 61
PSI: 76
Strength: 40
Constitution 45
Reaction Speed 98
Dexterity 94
Intelligence 83
Perception 94
Leadership 32
Personality 72
Comeliness 14
Xeno-Comeliness 12

See in starlight
prefers cooler climates, anything over 100 degree temps gets character penalties
gravity tolerance up to 1.25G, anything over results in penalties
+5% any Needler Feats, 35% low gravity maneuvers

LVL 3 Streetwise
Make Connection 40%
Hide Package 30%
Jive/Con Artist 20%

LVL 3 Negotiation
Barter 40%
Win Over/Turn 30%
Interrogate 30%

Xeno-h2h 41%
Blow from behind 38%
Stunning Blow 20%

LVL 3 Side Arm
(5% racial bonus)
15 Professional Skill, 1d6 needle damage)
Quick Draw 30
15+5 (52%)
Needler 40+15+5+use (80%)

LVL 3 Melee Weapon
Nano knife 47%
Hide Weapon 30%

LVL 3 Investigation
Crime Scene Investigation 30%

LVL 1 Pilot 60%
Air Cars 60%
Hot Wire Car 30%
High Speed Maneuvers 40%

Needler Pistol, 2d10+1d6(x3 point blank), inertia, rof 3, short/medium
Nano Knife, *4d10, inertia, negates armor (based on strength)
skein suit: 37 points

4 needler clips,
19 sleep poisoned needles,
10 single needles,
2 empty needler clips,
2 40mm grenades (HE) 4d10

2 sets of clothing,
1 chameleon Suit,
1 messenger bag,
2 power cells,
4 pairs work overalls,
505 cred card, 500 cred card

Booty from Space Station:
3 sheets 2×2m self sealing hull plate
3 spools fiber cabling & conduit
5 air scrub filtration units
3 gas canisters (unidentified)
1 spool power conduit
1 comm array repair unit
1 set of antique personal effects (comb, compact)
3 vials of strange liquid
4 med. containers (unopened)
1 small container (unopened)
1 stasis container (unopened)

Air Car stats:
Max speed 250kph
Acceleration 5 spaces/md
Armor 200 Kinetic, 100 Energy, 75 Hardened
Hull Points 150 HP
Turn Radius 1 space per 25kph


Dax is in his feline middle ages, with furtive unnerving movements and a constant glowering stare from his lazy eye that instantly discomforts the recipients. He is sharply dressed, with a medium build, well kept fur that is a common shade of orange-on-light-orange, and no other features that stand out.

Dax specializes in the locating of persons from planet to planet or package delivery from planet to planet, no questions (rule #1). He follows a set of professional rules/code of conduct that prevents him from getting too involved or endangering himself because of his own morality, a lesson he has learned the hard way. Markets his particular skills set as a Runner for hire.

Dax Samsen

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