A Strange Invitation

Huanted Way Station

As the guests debarked and made ready to find refreshments a star reporter tried to get into everyone’s business. Herold though personable seemed to have no luck with our group of thrill seekers. Only the Alphan from DSR-13 seemed willing to talk at all about his research into the paranormal, stating that he had invented all kinds of gadgets for viewing the spectral visitors.

Soon Odo arrives in his converted drop ship and advises the group that he will be the transportation to the system ship taking them to Fern’s Folly.

“Ah no, it isn’t the Cruise liner ‘Laughing Star’ there seems to be some difficulty and they are delayed were as the Krim’s Joke will be picking us up in, sec I am getting an update form my AI.”
" Yes I know you don’t like I here, we have to wait for the Joke, what 5 hours!?"
Well folks it seems that we have a short 5 hour layover here."

As the group of strangers began to get to know one another with exception of the Space Service mogul and the Project Director form DSR-13 who seemed a bit put out concerning the run down conditions of the station and lounging area.

Then as all were settling down to view the net a strange sound thrummed as mettle hitting mettle resounded from the Service bay. the reporter wished to investigate but when Dax advised him to go ahead Harold declined stating that he was a lead from behind kinda reporter.

The captain of Folly’s Daughter bucked up and took charge to identify the sound. With all but the despondent holy man (a xerox if there every was one) stayed behind to contemplate things of the past or perhaps the future.

With little fan fair a human service crew man was discovered banging his helmeted head against the wall lockers. When confronted that they were here to help he began to speak gibberish and run for the door Screaming something about must get home. Frantically he ran for the old airlock in the far corner of the Cargo bay.

As he ran out Dax with Cassandra in tow shouting “I can help you,” followed in pursuit with Vespidia not far behind. Odo, shrugs and seems to know space sickness when he sees it and mutter something about the “poor bastard.” Odo goes back to the lounge area and begins to hear other strange manifestations of sounds. Curious on where they could be coming he climes the stairs to the station control room no automated.

Vespedia then notices as she enters into the cargo bay that a set of hand tools begin to move around in patterns upon their own. When she approaches though the tools become violent and begin to fly as projectiles at her. Backing away she adjusts her vision range through various wave lengths and almost misses the shadow of the Poltergeist playing with the tools. Honing in on the creature that was there and not she approaches again only to agitate the creature and rewarded with more projectile tools.

All the while Jude has finished his sandwich from the synthesizer, Odo on the other hand has now entered into the control room stumbling but not spilling his drink. Jacking into the AI system he is hit with a barrage of nonsense and a maniacal computer laugh. Which just after he rips the link form the terminal he hears a screech scream from the scientist who minuets later comes running into the room with wild eyes followed by the clone Jude muttering something about possession, he has seen it all before.

Warning Klaxons ring loud as the fleeing service tech has barely escaped both Dax and Vespedia to begin opening the air lock to vacuum. Cassandra tries to calm him and get to the door controls. Jude is now reciting incantations and waving some objects around the Alphan, Odo is bringing the security cameras on line, and the trio in the Cargo Bay finally wrestle the crewman to the ground, Cassandra begins the cancel cycle for the lock.

But what of our heroic Proxims Business tycoon, he is now gorging him self in a fit of denial of the visions he has just been assaulted with, this gluttonous gorging will induce a coma eventually and he will not have to deal with what he can not buy or touch.

Invitation Blog

Here is a spot to make our log entries for a session. We will keep our volentary posting of events of the night’s session.


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